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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Barn Sale Delights!

This post finds me longing for a local barn sale.  
You know, an old fashioned barn sale. 
 Lemonade and corn on the cob.  
Hot apple pie and home made ice cream. 
Roaming chickens and grazing cows. 
Vintage aprons and rusty... everything. 
A couple weekends ago I received an email about a barn sale in Santa Paula, CA.  
Here are some photos I took while we waited for the sale to begin.
Vintage linens and aprons.  YES!
I dragged my husband and 6 year old with me to check it out. 
It was a small sale, but fun.  
Well, I had fun and can't speak for my companions.
They managed to find the lemonade stand and cookies.   Yes, there was good old fashioned lemonade! 
I didn't have time for refreshments  There was shopping to do.  This is what I found:
 An old laundry cart/basket.
Metal folding legs on wheels.
Tattered PINK liner.  I couldn't believe it was PINK!  (I plan to use this, so I'll make a new liner and post it later.)
When we returned home I discovered this handy clothes pin bag in the back of the liner AND...
A BONUS!  Over a dozen old, stained, rusty clothes pins!
Nine old painted metal trays.
Painted wild flowers in a sea of blue in great condition.
Gotta have a closeup of these!
White chippey painted metal garden border.
They're hinged and fold out in 10 panels.
A close up of the wonderful rust!
Turquoise rusty tool box.
In great vintage condition!
Rusty metal.  YES!
Vintage pair of embroidered Southern Belle pillow cases.
Fine embroidery details.
Yes, another set!  And PINK, too!
Truly a lost art.
Vintage table cloth.  PINK again!
This is what I rolled out of the sale and into our truck.  Good times.
One last photo.  Our rescued cat, Rex, enjoying the sun under my barn sale delights!


Elyse said...

hi cindy!

way to go! thank goodness for that lemonade stand to keep the little guy busy while you shopped!

love the tablecloth ... everything!


Linda said...

Oh,I am so jealous. You found some great things. I want to go to the flea market so bad and it's just too dang hot.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Great finds! I love the tablecloth and the tool box!!

Outofmymind said...

Can I be your new best friend and come shopping with you. I am drooling over your great treasures. I can never seem to find any good sales here in Utah. Enjoy your bounty. Kelli

Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun! I've never been to a real barn sale before but you have made me want to go. I'm going crazy over those darling pillow cases and that vintage tablecloth!

Actually I love everything you got.

Looks like you had a blast!


cherished*vintage said...

Yay Cindy! You totally scored! I completely love your laundry cart and oh, the tablecloth too. What fun!!!

Margie said...

I LOVE all these pictures! and all these items! I would have enjoyed going along with your on this shopping trip:) ~ Margie

isabelle said...

What great finds! i love old vintage stuff.

mlle isabelle

Herbgirl said...

You say Barn Sale; I say Where?...........I'm there! Love a good barn sale as they have the best junk. Super finds you found!
Hugs N herbal Blessings, mandy

Unknown said...

Wow! Such lovely finds! I just found your blog and became a follower. I look forward to coming back and reading future posts (:


vintagesue said... liner for laundry cart...GOOD. love it. very, very sweet. great hauls! rex is a cutie too....
thanks for sharing.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

What great finds! Love the embroidered towels. Oh how I'm wishing for a barn sale.....

Elyse said...

did i mention that i have (and adore) my beach cottage sign? will post about it soon, too. love your signs. so perfectly chippy!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great barn sale! LOVE that turquoise metal tool box!
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. I appreciate it!! I'm glad you invited me to come visit. It's nice to meet you. :)
Have a great day!
~ Jo :)

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh you did very well Cindy, I'm also crazy about the tool box too. I love going to places like this.... I get so excited where I need to take a moment before I buy. I usually get caught up in the moment with so many pretty things.

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me.

Have a Wonderful Evening*