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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holding On To Summer.

I'm clinging to the last days of summer. Enjoying my favorite bird feeder(s). Pink paper lanterns (they light up at night!) A cute flower pot even though it's empty! Sweet succulents (who knew I'd find PINK ones?) The curly details of my pink metal lanterns. Birds. . . fake, yet so cute!) Our sweet porch cat, Rex. He's my faithful morning friend.He loves sitting under the shade or our PINK umbrella. Uh oh, Rex sees something. . . .A yellow finch. . .real, and so cute! The same cute finch! Hard to believe he let me continue taking photos! I took at least a dozen! Sipping coffee (lots of cream and sugar, please!) in a pretty cup and saucer I purchased at a tag sale in Montana. When my coffee is coupled with a set of sticky page markers that can mean only one thing. My Cath Kidston Catalog just arrived in the mail! Look at all the pages I marked! Here's a preview of all the cute things inside! Oooooo...... Ahhhhhh...... So cute...... Dreamy. . . . . Back to school! Sew adorable. . . . I'd do more ironing if. . . . . Pink florals and more! I'd cook more if. . . . . I'd enjoy washing dishes if. . . . Okay, time to stop dreaming. My son is awake and wants to play Legos!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Settings II

When I'm not on our front porch I'm on our side porch. I noticed our side porch has quite a few "misfits", unsold items from my shop and the flea market.This white table/chair combo is the last of 4. Maybe it's meant to be that I end up with one to hold my VERY PINK umbrella! This potting shed is a misfit from Very Vintage and the French Flea. I acquired it from a lady whose late husband crafted it from an old door. It now houses bird seed, squirrel peanuts and garden junque. The ornate white pillars didn't sell at the French Flea III, so now they're mine. Recently, we had a yard sale. This Hello Kitty pillow didn't sell for $1, so my 5 year old "rescued" her. She now adds a youthful whimsy to our porch. How could I let her go? What was I thinking? There are a few items I purchased. For example, I bought the vintage metal furniture I call a "couch." It's sturdy and perfectly rusty! I also bought a pair of pink metal lanterns (only one is pictured.) They're open on all sides causing candles to extinguish with the slightest breeze, so I use battery operated faux tea lights. This bird feeder is a great vintage find! This is Rex our adopted outdoor cat. He's my favorite find AND he loves our side porch. It's where he eats, bird watches and lounges. There's something wonderful about a porch cat!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Settings

I'm posting some summer photos before Fall approaches. If I manage to awaken before my 5 year old, I sit here with a cup of coffee and a decorating magazine. As I sip and flip I waive at joggers and dog walkers. It's the best time to chat with neighbors. We have the nicest neighbors! This is my view from the front porch. Impatiens do well in our north-facing front yard. My hydrangeas are blooming, but not as well as last year when we had cooler weather at the beginning of summer. This year, the blazing sun burns my blooms, so I have an umbrella shading them (not pictured.) I bought this bird bath in Mexico many years ago. It refreshes the blue jays and humming birds nesting above in our strawberry tree.I don't sit much on these 3 benches. I found them one day abandoned and lonely. They're a bit rickety and need of some tightening, but they have character! For now, they surround the base of our strawberry tree. Our fountain, flanked by more hydrangeas, makes the most relaxing sound at our front door. On the other side of the fountain is a little succulent garden. Really, it consists of only one succulent, but it's the most exquisite succulent ever! A friend gave it to me from her garden almost 1 year ago (Thank you, again, Christiane!)I also have a few more succulents peeking out of a rusty metal planter. Just a little bloom at the front door where I place my outgoing mail. Thanks for stopping by!