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Friday, February 27, 2009

Rearranging My Life Via Furniture!

Change is good!When craving something new or different my furniture gets rearranged. My sister thinks its a sure sign of inner turmoil! I purchased this hand-embroidered runner in Idaho for $2. It's repurposed as front door decor. This old shutter door is propped behind my front door and holds outgoing mail in a rusty wire basket. The piano (previously green) is now in the small living room as you enter the front door. (Before shooting this photo I wish I had tucked away the black wire to the pink lamp and picked up from the floor my daughter's piano books!) In the front entry we installed 2 large and very heavy wrought iron cornices and added white lights. I couldn't fit both cornices in this photo.The two wicker chairs from my front porch now sit in front of our fireplace. The round table was upstairs. The patio table and 4 chairs were on our back deck. I recovered the seats in pink chenille and didn't think they should be outside any longer! Eventually, the set will go to my shop at Very Vintage so the chenille is protected with temporary fabric covers. On the other side of the piano area are these chairs and small table/stand that were upstairs. The cabinet that occupied this space is now in the T.V. room.Yes, another seating area! This ice cream parlor set was purchased at a yard sale with bright yellow vinyl seats. I replaced the padding and covered them with a shabby blue/white stripe and pink floral cotton fabric. These will also make their way to Very Vintage in the future. This overstuffed chair was previously in front of our fireplace. Now, it sits in a corner next to our T.V. I love sitting here! The floor lamp was one of my Idaho purchases several years ago. I love that it lights up beneath the glass table top! I added the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic lampshade that my husband bought for me in Malibu as a Mother's Day gift. This is the other overstuffed chair in the opposite corner next to our T.V. cabinet. The corner is lit with a pink chandelier I purchased on Ebay several years ago. The corner still needs wall hangings (or something else) to fill in the empty space. This clock is a Michael's purchase several years ago. I was going to paint it white, but I really like the dark brown wrought iron for a bit of contrast in my sea of pink and white! The small table lamp was purchased at a church sale. The large table lamp was purchased at a yard sale and sits next to my printer (under the floral slip cover.) The large lamp lights up at the bottom, too. The lampshade is another Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic lampshade my husband purchased in Malibu. My husband knows that anything he purchases there will be a keeper! I love this paisley fabric! I covered my cork board with it. This is our phone/message center. Magazine anyone? This simple slipcovered chair sits outside my home office. I look forward to lighting the candle next to it and browse through some magazines!I purchased this tall book rack for $10 at a Joann's Fabrics store that is going out of business. I bought another that organizes my daughter's piano/music books. This headboard/shelf unit was purchased on clearance at Home Goods for $18! It stores some cutepinkstuff from my website.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting Organized!

Folded textiles neatly stacked behind closed doors. . . Life is good!I don't recall specifically what led to my frenzy. Last week I became OBSESSED with organizing 3 supply/linen closets! Maybe it was all the rain. Perhaps it was the new year. Most likely it was the falling contents of each closet that drove me into my organizing frenzy!
I started with the kids' linen closet. It houses linens for 3 beds including those warm and fuzzy flannel sheets that take up too much space. That closet also contains too many area rugs that I LOVE to buy!
Next stop, the closet/cupboard in my home office area. It holds all my indoor and outdoor cushions, slipcovers and tablecloths.
At last, the upstairs linen closet. It stores upstairs bedroom linens, blankets, quilts, more area rugs, pillow forms and now, my fabrics. Whew! Last week I pressed and folded until my fingers ached! I still must find space for more pillow forms currently on my sewing table!
I used 4 of them by creating shabby blue and pink rose slip covers for my shop window. Next post: Rearranging furniture!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Felted Flowers

My latest project - felted flowers. I'm learning and experimenting. Most of these I made from felt. The cream colored flowers I made from wool. I'm uncertain about what to do with them so for now they occupy a flower pot and simply make me smile!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

It seems like we celebrated Christmas yesterday, yet Valentine's Day is only one week away!I have only a few Valentine photos to share this year. This pink velvet mannequin makes me smile! "She" stood at the corner of my fireplace for awhile before making her way to the display window at Very Vintage. I can only imagine having such a petite hour glass figure! My mantel displays a few candles and statues. These crown pillows, crown slipcovers and heart-shaped pillow are listed on my website.Most of my Valentine decor is in the display window at Very Vintage. So if you're in the vicinity of Agoura Hills, CA you can see lots of PINK AND WHITE displayed there!