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Monday, December 24, 2012


OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS....  This year, instead of sugar plum visions dancing in my head I envision white Christmas decorations for our home.  I'm still in a dream state after a visit from Romantic Homes editor, Jacqueline deMontravel and photographer, Bret Gum.  So kind and professional, two good people who you would like for your neighbors!  Without giving away the farm in this post, I'm showing only a few shots I saw with my amateur eye and old Olympus.  The real deal photos taken by Bret will appear in the 2013 Romantic Homes Christmas issue(s)*
 I spent many hours sewing Christmas pillows and wrapping gifts.  The pillows are available on my website.  The gifts, I'm grateful to say, were purchased for my family early this year. 
 I know I'm only one of thousands of women decorating with vintage dress forms wearing feathered wings!  I'm in good company with women loving this look!
 Not much of a fan of red poinsettias even though I usually have a few scattered throughout our home.  My favorites are these PINK poinsettias that are planted on the upstairs porch outside our master bedroom.
My newest collection of old lanterns.  The hunt for these beauties was almost as fun as the acquisition.  I have them on the mantel above our bed.
The sneak peek is over!  I haven't seen the real deal photos taken of our home, so we will all wait until next year's Romantic Homes Christmas issue(s)*  *Our photos may appear in 2 issues.  Jacqueline mentioned perhaps featuring our photos in the decorating issue and the Christmas issue, both published by Romantic Homes at the end of 2013.  Until then, Merry Christmas and happy decorating!