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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quick Fix?

I never thought I'd tire of the mustard yellow and white ceramic tiles above our fireplace. I was wrong. The pink corner cabinet was the catalyst. The tiles have been "bugging" me for awhile, but I didn't give much thought to changing them. It seemed like a big project and my husband would sure to be against it. I was wrong, again! Well, I came up with a quick fix using an old piece of ceiling tin that was inches from being a perfect fit. My husband and I did this quick fix in less that an hour! The next morning, I painted the side of our mantel where paint had scraped off during the fitting process. That led to painting the entire hearth and the gold trim on the glass doors, which led to changing out the wood knobs with glass knobs, which led to cleaning out the fireplace, which led to buying candles, which led to decorating the mantel with a few Halloween decorations, which led to buying a new love seat, which led to rearranging furniture, which led to accessorizing with crown accent pillows. Yes, another "quick fix" project that turned into a time-consuming expensive redo!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Apron Give Away!

Pansy Cottage Girl is having an apron give away on September 14th! Be sure to stop by for the details. I'm entered and hopeful to win this gorgeous fall apron!