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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Party is Over. . . .

Decorating for Valentine's Day is simple for a girl who loves the color pink! My fireplace mantel always has pink candles burning, so I simply add a few more candles, hang a pink chenille garland, and a pink feather heart.
My yellow love seat needed some love, so I tossed a couple of pink satin pillows their way. My white ceiling tin boxes have been empty since Christmas, so I filled them with hydrangeas and lilies, in pink, of course! My clock tells me guests will be arriving in 2 hours and I am still decorating for the party. That tells me I am falling behind schedule!

I began my way upstairs to get dressed when I noticed my mirror was bare! No time to go out shopping for something pink and beautiful to fill that space, so an orchid purchased earlier for my bathroom became my mirror's lovely companion!

Fortunately, I had set the table the night before the party. Highly recommended!

I added a glass ornament garland and tea lights to the candelier hanging above the table. A few details came to me as I began preparing the meal. Miniature bisquit cutters form the sweetest marshmallow hearts! A marshmallow heart atop one's coffee adds sweetness and charm! I couldn't stop there! I needed butter pats for our rolls. . . . Squares gave way to heart shaped butter pats!

Next, the "home theater" needed some attention. The slip covered pillows, cushions, ottoman cover, armchair covers and tablecloth were washed, pressed and replaced (at midnight the night before the brunch while kids and hubby were asleep!) An hour before guests arrived, a coffee table from another room was substituted for the ottoman. Valentine chocolates and caramels were placed on the table. (By now you are probably wondering how I could accomplish all this with 4 kids in tow! My helpful husband took our kids out for breakfast and dropped them off at school.)

On the menu was spinach, mushroom and cheese filled crescents, asparagus with red peppers, rolls and a white cake with cream cheese/whipped cream filling topped with strawberries. We had a "Tuscan" theme to go with the movie (hint, hint.) Authentic olive oil from Tuscany was served with crushed garlic for dipping.
A bottle of vintage 1988 Tuscan white table wine was served with the main course and with the Tuscan movie (hint, hint.) Sorry, I have no photos of my party. I don't like having my photo taken and neither do my friends! If I told my friends that their photos would be posted on my public blog, they would have stayed home! My friends joined me for food, fun and no fotos! (Giggle.)
Well, all of you have been so patient. I must tell you now that the movie of choice was. . . .

Thank you to all who entered my Valentine Brunch Contest! Everyone had great chick flick choices, but no one chose "Under The Tuscan Sun!" After thoughts of disappointed bloggers crossed my mind, I decided to select one entry from a random drawing. The winner of the Glass Jars with Rose Lids is. . . . . . . . . . . . . Becca Of Bluebirds and Roses! Becca, I will email you with the good news!

Thank you, everyone, for the sweet comments! Cindy

Monday, February 4, 2008

You Are Invited For Brunch (Contest and Give Away!)

My Valentine's Day Brunch invitations are sent! My friends and I are gathering at my home for a "Mom's Day Off" which includes brunch, dessert and a movie. I wish all of you could attend, but you can join me in spirit. Here's how!

Join me by entering in my Valentine's Day Brunch contest for a Give Away! All you have to do is guess the movie I am showing! Leave a comment on this post with your best guess. Hint: It will definitely be a "chick flick."

The winner will be announced on Friday, February 15, 2008. The winner will receive a set of Glass Storage Jars with Pink Rose Lids! Good luck, everyone!