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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where I Want to Be

My 4 kids start school next week.

That means I have only a few days left to transport my thoughts elsewhere before our busy schedule takes control of our lives. Here are some places where I want to be!

Relaxing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
(Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, August 2008)

Tea Time Bliss Under a Cherry Tree
(Victoria Magazine, May 2003)

Washington Lakeside Picnic
(Martha Stewart Living Magazine, August 2008)

British Columbia Gatekeeper's Cottage
(Victoria Magazine, August 1995)

Atlanta Dinner by Candle Light
(Victoria Magazine, July 1995)

California Lemonade Under Climbing Crimson Tea Roses
(Home Companion Magazine, April/May 2008)

Dinner Party Under the Glow of Paper Lanterns
(Outdoor Decor Magazine, Summer 2007)

Alfresco dining in an Herb Garden
(Victoria Magazine, March/April 2008)

Brunch on an Indiana Sun Porch
(Romantic Homes Magazine, February 2006)

Sitting Pretty in Sunny California
(Romantic Homes Magazine, September 2008)

Crafting Surrounded by 1950's Florals
(Victoria Magazine, May 2003)

Easy, Breezy Nap in Florida
(House Beautiful Magazine, August 2008)

Reading in California Vintage Style
(Romantic Homes Magazine, September 2008)

Doing Nothing in Wisconsin Bliss
(Victoria Magazine, 2003)

Relaxing in a Place We Call Home!

Where ever I may want to be, I know there's no place like home.
Thanks for joining me!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

If I Were a Cat. . . .

If I were a cat, this is what I would look like TODAY. My sister's visit ended on Wednesday. She flew home and left me feeling fat, lethargic and depressed!

Last week, my sister and I spent 3 glorious days at a beautiful 5-Star hotel and spa. This is me relaxing at the spa. Naps, room service and facials can be exhausting!

This is my sister taking care of me (the spa weekend was her early birthday gift to me!)

My sister treats me like a QUEEN!

This is my sister and me napping.

This is me waiting for room service.

This is me after room service.

This is me when I arrived home from the spa. (My husband and kids didn't recognize me!)

This is me next week working out in a PINK head band, of course!

(Photos from Cute Overload.)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Hooked!

I'm hooked on vintage rhinestone jewelry! It has consumed my thoughts and my pocket book! It has quickly replaced my past obsession with real diamonds, Longaberger baskets, scrapbook supplies, beanie babies, tea cups, silverware and crystal chandeliers! I may need professional help or perhaps another obsession.
What is the attraction to these man made gems crafted from highly refined glass? Is it the sparkle of each piece or the thrill of the find? Is it the fantasy that they're real or the story they tell? When does a collection become an obsession? As my practical husband asks, "When will enough be enough?" (My husband can live on $20 per month for incidentals!)
To justify my collection/obsession I've added them to my website.For now, I'm enjoying their sparkle, the thrill of the find, the fantasy that they're real and the story they tell! Their beauty is "timeless!" (You will be the first to know when this obsession is replaced by another!)