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Monday, September 16, 2013

New Room Photos!

 Our tiny room tucked away between the garage and our laundry room beneath a pink crepe murtle tree....A guest room, a cottage, a studio, an extra bedroom...or a room just for me.  My friend, Maria, lovingly named it my "BUNKIE."
 Most of the doors and windows are salvaged pieces, some collected from years ago and others recently purchased from flea markets and antique stores.
 Curtains repurposed from runners, table cloths and other vintage pieces.
All windows open allowing a wonderful cross breeze in the evenings.
 A hand plane once used for shaping wood is now used as our front door knob.
 Rustic, sturdy, inexpensive ($8 from a local flea market) and great for hanging a vase filled with garden flowers!
 Love the simplicity of this rusty hook "lock."
 Please come in!
 The beautiful shelf with hooks is from a special place, called "Bubba's Antiques" owned by my dear friend, Leah. 
 The antique bed was purchased at my sister in law's yard sale years ago.  Two were purchased, and I'm using both head boards instead of the foot board.
 This is the view from the front door looking at the back wall.  The room is a quaint 10' x 12'.  The antique chandelier is also from Leah's store.
 This view is from the back door looking at the front wall.
 My favorite corner of the room where I drink coffee every morning before going to the office.
 The old crate makes a great side table with inside storage for magazines. 
 Vintage cotton/crochet pieces on  the doors and windows let the light in and show architectural details that curtains or blinds would hide.
 Still need a light switch plate!  
 I purchased this chaise from my neighbor/friend, Cindy.  She had it stored in her garage!  It was covered in peach satin.  I recovered it in muslin and burlap.
 The vintage table cloth is now a coverlet for my toes on "chilly" mornings.
 The furry brown blanket is comfort at it's finest hour....It's triple digits here in southern California, but "cold" months are around the corner....
 I made the clay beads and strung them on twine.  The leather camera bag is a purchase from the Agoura Antique Mart.
 Details on the table cloth/coverlet.  Purchased at the Topanga Flea Market.
I love this camera bag!  It would make a roomy purse, but I like it for storage and decor.
 A close up of the clay beads hanging over a cotton flour sack.
 The chaise.
 The chaise, again.
 And again.
 Pink iceberg roses from the back yard.
 Love this crate.  I purchased 2 of them at a local yard sale for $5 each.
 The white monogrammed cotton pillow cover is from Etsy.
 The letters, "CA" are perfect for this California room!
 Ahhh.... a slight breeze from the open window and I can see birds eating from feeders in the crepe murtle tree.

 Tin roof overhang for shade.
 Miscellaneous lace pieces from Bubba's Antiques and local flea markets adding to my collection of vintage pretties.
 Attached with finishing nails...easy.
 Not much white paint left on this old door!  I purchased it with one window broken.  The other side window was broken during construction of the room.  Oops, collateral damage.  The white wood planks were meant to be temporary, but now I like them! 
 This old mail cart was in our bedroom for many months housing pillows I sell on my website and on Etsy
 Now, it stores my collection of linen sheets and vintage crochet pieces.  It's convenient having them in one place for easy access.
 Front wall viewed from the back wall.
 The Chateau Marmont pillow is one of my products on and on Etsy.
 This pillow design is the most popular.
 Antique lace bed spreads....beautiful!
 The old lamp was purchased at a local estate sale for $5.  I purchased it for my son's room, but he didn't like it.  Yay for me!
 Love this rusty tray.  No worries, I sprayed it with several coats of clear matte finish protective paint so the rust won't rub onto my vintage lace.
  I haven't slept in this bed yet, but I've relaxed in it browsing through magazines.  Heaven!
 This a "loft" area, but it isn't flat.  It follows the sloped roof of the garage.  Still in the "design" stage.  I like it open, but for now it has no purpose.  Originally, I wanted my husband to build a loft for a mattress, but that would mean cutting into the garage roof.  A major endeavor that is not on my husband's priority list, so for can be storage.  Any ideas? 
 This architectural rail looks like a ladder.  Merely decorative where my over-sized wood rosary hangs.  I sold these on my website, but kept this last one for me!
 Doug made the cross out of salvaged barn wood.
 There's the other wood crate.
 Old shutter.  More than just a wall hanging....
 Doug built shelves into the frame work.
 Perfect hideaway for silver votives.
 Two shutters with built in shelves.
 This one houses glass votives and mason jars.

 Back door to the pool.
 Vintage lace piece used as a door valance.
 Tied with sweet pink seam binding.

 My friend, Sue, gave me this old industrial piece we thought was a stapler.  It's now the door knob on the back door.  Love it!  Thanks, Sue!
 Stapler vs. door knob?
  The "kitchen."  The white chippy piece in the corner has folding legs that pull out forming a table.  Great space saver with 2 drawers on the left holding more mason jar vases and cleaning supplies.
 The untied lace door valance.
 Simple "air conditioning."

 Love this "kitchen!"  No stove for cooking and no sink to wash dishes!
 Just pretty china plates and silver utensils stored in a vintage dish rack.
 The back outside wall and porch.

 The old white box on wheels stores pool towels.
 Love the cross breeze!

 I cut an old pillow case using each side for window treatments.  Love the lace detail on the bottom.
 The stairs were existing, but Doug built them up to form the small porch.  He added the rail for safety, but I love how it encloses the porch.
 I cover all my linen/cotton pillows with flour sacks for protection from the damaging sun and accumulating dust.  It's much easier to wash flour sacks than it is to strip all my pillows and wash the slip covers.  I'm a bit fanatical when it comes to sitting on a clean cushion/pillow!  Weird, I know....
 Back door handle. 
Thanks for taking a tour with me!