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Sunday, March 4, 2012


FINALLY!  I'M EXCITED, HONORED AND RELIEVED!  Our home is in the March 6 issue of Cottage Style Magazine.  WOW.  

Even though it's been less than a year since Fifi O'Neill and Mark Lohman were here taking photographs, waiting for the publication seems like an eternity.  Oh, but well worth it!

I credit Elyse at Tinkered Treasures for setting in motion this dream come true.  On March 3, 2011, almost a year to the day, I posted our master bedroom redo entitled, WHITE.  Elyse left a comment urging me to send my blog link to Fifi.  It was Elyse's sweet words that gave me the courage to follow through and send Fifi some photographs.  I'm glad I did!  Only 4 short months later,  Fifi and Mark were here for the photo shoot.  AND as fate would have it, Elyse has the byline on the article.  Elyse and I have come full circle on our journey.  Elyse, you're an amazing writer and a sweet blogging friend.  Thanks, again! 

This special issue features 15 homes from New York to California, each offering decorating styles from bungalow to Euro-inspired, from coastal and romantic to camps and cabins.  Our home is romantic style and Nordic inspired.  Here are a few photos that are featured.

I didn't post all the photos here, so you can see the rest in the magazine as well as numerous amazing images of 14 other homes.  Also, don't forget to visit Elyse because she posted about the article on her blog, too.

Cottage Style Magazine doesn't offer subscriptions, but you can purchase issues at grocery stores, book stores and yes, even The Home Depot where I purchased my issue(s).  I've heard from some ladies that they can't find the issue, so I have a few extras on my website.  It's a DOUBLE issue with 144 pages of new decorating ideas.  A keeper!

(Stay tuned for more news and more photos in another potential feature published in Denmark! Hint, hint....)