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Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's amazing how cold, hard, gray cement can add charm to any garden!

Little peeps blend in nicely.

Just plain blooms are fine, too!

Add a sitting area, coffee, magazines. . .

a bird feeder. . .

a fountain. . .
a feline. . .
a candle. . .

a fairy. . .

a sap bucket or two. . .
a poolside view. . .and you have the ingredients for a relaxing day! (Lynn, this post is for you. I wish you could enjoy this California sunshine with me!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Successful Hunting Season!

The Easter Bunny was here!
Our annual Egg Hunt was short and sweet.In years past, our 4 kids scurried about in a frenzy looking for colorful plastic eggs filled with sweets and coins. This year, our 2 teens opted out of the Hunt leaving our 2 youngest to find less eggs. Two baskets full of eggs and lots of laughter. . . how precious are family traditons! I'm still finding eggs that were too well hidden from young eyes. Each egg I find reminds me that one day my 2 youngest will opt out of the Hunt leaving only memories of the Hunting Season.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's An Easter Parade!

I've been invited to Miss Sandy's Easter Parade and you are invited too! Visit the Quill Cottage for the sweetest Easter post ever! You'll see a lamb nestled in lavender, a chick sitting in chives, a jumper in jonquils and so much more! As if that wasn't enough, you will be thrilled with Miss Sandy's spectacular give away! Don't miss the Parade!
Easter is the perfect celebration! Warm weather, fragrant flowers and Life Anew! So delightful is the season's display of lavenders, yellows, greens and PINKS! Who can resist the bunnies, chicks and blooms. . . oh my?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shabby Cottage Focus Group

Thank You!

A BIG THANK YOU to all who take the time to leave kind words! I've met some wonderful ladies in blogland! I value your creativity and kindness! I only wish we were neighbors dropping by for a daily dose of laughter, coffee, and cucumber sandwiches!

In this post, however, I'm putting you to work! I'm hoping for some feedback in two categories.

First Category: Handcrafted Roses vs. Rose Decals. In the past, I've detailed my cutepinkstuff with handcrafted roses. Recently, I have been adding vintage inspired rose decals, as well. I'm having fun varying my products, but I'm curious about your preferences. Specifically, I am wondering if the decals are shabby chic vs. Victorian. Too much color? More dimension with the handcrafted roses? New vs. vintage? Handcrafted vs. commercial? These are just a few considerations to ponder. All ideas are welcomed and appreciated.

Second Category
: Pink vs. White. A majority of my products are painted shabby pink, but I recently added a new website category featuring white products. I LOVE PINK, so most items get PINKED! However, there are times when a piece will look better painted white. (I also know that only in faeryland can everything be pink!) Do you prefer white or pink items? Do you prefer white with handcrafted roses or decals? Do you prefer pink with handcrafted roses or decals?