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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

West Wall Up!

 Last wall.
 I looks like the East Wall!
 This wall is opposite the pool, as you can see.
 It's looking like a room!
 Back steps, soon to be a small back porch.
 Sally Holmes rose vine to the right.
 Sally Holmes in full bloom.
Ending this post with nature's nest and a single pink rose.  Sorry, not much to say in this post.  Wood beam walls are a bit boring!  I promise the next posts/photos will be more to our liking.  The fun part is coming soon...decorating!

Monday, June 24, 2013


 Every tool is on the work table today!  That's good news.
 Ryobi meets empty bird nest.  Babies flew away.  What's left is their amazingly constructed home
 Plywood on the garage roof.  Tarp on the ready for unexpected rain.
 Another view of the garage roof.
 East wall in the background!
 The front door frame.
 A peek at the transom above the front door frame.
 A better view of the transom.  We had the window in storage for years.  The original color is blue on this side.  It will be painted white....someday.
 The old window on the inside of the room is white.
 Another pic of the window.  I took lots of pics of this because I was soooo excited to have a window above the front door to let in more natural light!
I envision a flower box on the outside of this window frame....  Sorry, this post is a bit boring.  However, the smell of lumber is wonderful!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

South Wall Done!

His:  Metal ladder and wood beams.
Hers:  Pink Roses.
The day begins with a clean work table.
Beams go up on the south wall which is the garage wall.
There's Doug's trusty old boom box (again.)
The diagonal beam temporarily holds up the south wall.
Beyond the diagonal beam, can you see the glass table and white cushioned chair?
 Here's a close up.
Even closer.
This is my view as I sit in the chair.
Can't help but see the beauty beyond the beams...
Sally Holmes vine on the trellis.
Old fashioned white roses.  They smell the BEST!
 My fave pink beauties.
Doug is done for the weekend.  My chair is empty until next time....