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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Gone To The Birds!

I've gone to the birds! 

It started with a vintage bird cage I purchased in Idaho on a shopping spree. 

It came with the sweet rhinestone brooch! 

Of course, I couldn't stop at just one bird cage.  I bought another at an antique shop.  This one came with a stand.  I added the rhinestone star and made the ruffled skirt. 

Then I had a bright idea.  Gee, maybe a couple of birds will be fun. 

So, I bought a couple of zebra finch. 

Aren't they cute?

The couple had 6 eggs within a month! 

While waiting for the eggs to hatch, I accumulated 3 more bird cages.  After all, I have to have homes for the little ones!  I bought this white vintage bird cage at Bungalow in Agoura Hills. 

I bought this pink vintage bird cage at Very Vintage in Agoura Hills where I rent space and sell my cutepinkstuff

The bottom tray is secured with 3 of these cute metal owls.

 Unfortunately, the finch eggs didn't hatch, but I'm anxiously waiting for more eggs.  I'm hopeful for several baby birds, so I moved the couple to a new "condo" I purchased on Ebay. 

 I added this beautiful vintage rhinestone brooch to dress up their "condo."

 It's great fun watching them.

The male has orange cheeks, speckled feathers and a darker orange beak.  He has a distinctly longer songlike chirp. 

He's so cute!

He's more trusting of the two.

The female has an orange beak and is more plain in color.

She has a shorter, quieter chirp, and is more tentative.  We haven't named them yet, but welcome all suggestions!