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Monday, July 28, 2008

Farm Table Fantasy

This is my tea setting on our new farm table! Where is the farm table, you ask? Well, I'm getting ahead of myself! Here it is! Lovely, is it not? Shabby, but not chic (yet.)
Here it is again showing finer detail (See the Home Depot price tag on one of the planks?) Here's a close up of my husband's work bench including the top of a kitchen stool that was last month's repair project, my toddler's red toy truck, a can of deodorant used to ignite a home spun potato gun, 2 gallons of deck paint, a box of 2 year old ceramic tiles for our laundry room, ant spray, a bisquit cutter purchased specifically for our farm table and other GUY STUFF! This would be a great post: "What's on your husband's work bench?" Doug is working hard on my dream table in his hot garage. Doug was even getting sympathy from our neighbors who brought him a cold beer! Drawer openings carved out of the table skirt. Look at the sweat outline on Doug's hat! Now we have an injury. Doug dropped the table on his leg. Blood, sweat. . . no tears, yet! The skirt is on! She's got legs! Future drawer (8 of them) for silverware, napkins, napkin rings, place cards, tea lights, linens, place mats. . . here come the tears. . . of joy! I'm getting ahead of myself, again. The table is IN (requiring a neighbor to help), PAINTED (I applied the first coat in the morning and the second coat at midnight) and READY TO USE (minus the 8 drawers.) Doug was called out on a business trip, so the drawers were put on hold. In the meantime, I bought 8 white wicker chairs on clearance at Pier One Imports and white chair pads at Ikea. Two of the wicker chairs I use at my desk . They are easily accessible for more guest seating.The other 4 white chairs and the 2 blue upholstered chairs were part of our former dining set. SOMEDAY, I hope to find PINK upholstered chairs! Shhh. . . Doug doesn't know, yet! Okay, Doug is back from his business trip. He's been working on the drawers for the past 2 weekends. Here they are! Five of the eight drawers are filled with silverware.My Lenox Village Collection Silverware that my sister bought me years ago.A double set of extra silverware for company. My Christmas silverware.The "good stuff!" Rose and Leaf Pattern by the National Silver Company. I bought the little spoons with ceramic handles on Ebay a few years ago.Silverware purchased before our wedding. The finish is called Rose Gold. It matches the rose gold trim on our wedding china. I think we've used this set only 4 times.Now I have drawer space for items that are readily accessible. You know, items that were hidden in other clutter and rarely used because it took too much effort to find them. Now I have no excuse! Ahhh. . . , now I can sip coffee and nibble on little cookies by candlelight. . . pondering about table linens, place settings, the centerpiece, guest favors. . . when is a girl to rest? What's that I hear? Four kids calling for their mommy? Oh that's me! Time to go!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rare Footage!

One morning, I was sipping coffee outdoors. . . . Enjoying paper lanterns hanging from our tree like earrings. . . . When my husband joined me, SUDDENLY, Rex, our adopted outdoor cat jumped on Doug's lap begging for attention! I ran for my camera to take these RARE photos of my-husband-the-canine-lover, feline-hater! I was able to capture this rare footage before Doug started sneezing and repeating his diatribe about how cats are finicky, flighty, and temperamental! One day I should devote an entire post to Rex. He's an ideal companion and he thinks he's a lap dog, maybe for Doug's benefit!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Sale!

It's time for a sale at! My husband insists I reduce the inventory that is crowding his garage! EVERYTHING is on SALE! Hope to see you there!

White Picket Fence Gone Wrong!

Welcome to our IMperfect home! I'm joining Linda at Restyled Home by sharing an imperfection in our front yard. This photo was taken in June 2005 before we installed our picket fence. The sod and sprinkler system were installed, but we forgot to plan ahead for placement of our fence. Sprinkler heads were placed at each corner of our brick walkway where the fence posts were supposed to be. It was too late to reconfigure the sprinkler system, so we had figure out how/where to place the fence posts for the front gate.Here's a little secret. . . . the ornate wrought iron sections of our fence were a quick fix for one of our many mistakes as homeowners! While shopping for other items at a local antique mall, I happened to find two wrought iron pieces, painted white, rusty and charming in a shabby chic sort of way! My husband had doubts, but I had a vision! I was certain they could be placed at a diagonal next to our gate thereby avoiding the sprinkler heads. We were blessed to find 2 of the wrought iron pieces!Now, the sprinkler heads water the flowers growing on both sides of our front gate. It's as if we planned it from the beginning!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank you, Lynn and Cielo!

Lynn, thank you for your thoughtfulness, friendship and The Brillante Weblog Award!
Cielo, thank you for your kind words, faith and special Blog of Distinction Award!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Catch Up!

I don't like playing catch up . . . with cleaning, laundry, mending, projects, weeding and pruning. However, I don't mind catching up with magazines! In fact, I intentionally let them pile up saving them for a special block of time when I can:
Country Home Magazine

Be inspired.

Home Companion April/May 2008

Have fun.

House Beautiful April 2008


(Hmmm, I don't recall where I saw this one.)

And dream. . . .