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Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm telling the world... (bear with me!)  Our home is featured on the COVER of Casa Romantica Magazine!!!!

Well, it's an Italian publication and I don't have a copy, nor any copies to share....YET!  I found out the news on Facebook...this morning....

Details to follow.....soon, I hope.

If anyone knows how to get a copy, let me know!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kids' Bathroom Renovation


Well, our 4 kids are older now and prefer to shower.  So, we made a decision to remove their bathtub and install a walk-in shower.  
The bathtub is out and the dam is built.
The toilet is out and the floor tiles are in.
Down comes the old wallpaper that covered the walls for over a decade.  It's difficult to believe I chose that wallpaper!
 New plumbing is installed.
Former pedestal sinks are out and the new double vanity is in.  The vanity is actually a Home Goods purchase, perhaps a couch table or an island?  My husband cut holes in the top for the two sinks.  He was able to shorten the depth of the first and last drawers to preserve partial storage in those drawers.

 Now comes the FUN part....finishing touches.

 Drawer handles are convenient for hand towels.  There's plenty of storage on the bottom shelves.  I store extra white towels, bars of soap, toothpaste, first aid items and cleaning supplies.  Our former pedestal sinks provided no storage space, so I'm loving this new unit.
 We purchased the glass sinks and stainless steel fixtures from Lowe's.  
 We hung bead board and an old window frame we had fitted with double mirrors.  
 My husband built a simple little shelf at the bottom of the mirror WHICH I LOVE!  The shelf is perfect for a candle or fresh flowers.
We installed the same marble tiles for the floor and for the shower walls.  We opted for a glass block shower wall instead of a sliding door.  It's modern, open, and easier to clean.
I purchased this hook/rack at an antique shop long ago.  I love the chippy paint and scroll detail.  I knew I would find the perfect place for it someday.  
The kids hang their bath towels on the hooks.  Much easier to use than a towel bar which requires constant towel folding.
A clock above the toilet.
A feather wreath on the door.

Fresh flowers!

My husband began "demolition" in January 2011.  He miraculously completed the project in a couple of months with plenty of time to spare for Fifi O' Neil's visit in July 2011.  You can find our home and this bathroom featured in the March 2011 issue of Cottage Style Magazine. (Photos by Mark Lohman) 
Here's a peek:
 Welcome to our journey....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Belated Easter Photos

 How did Easter sneak up so quickly?  And now it's over! 
 I had minimal decorations this year.  Here are the photos I took.
Easter is not just a holiday, but also a Holy Day. 
 I hope yours was blessed!