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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Green With Envy!

This is what I've been doing:
Instead of finishing projects, I've been starting new ones! I have the "bling bug!"
This is what I SHOULD be doing: Painting, not playing.Yes, we are now proud owners of a VERY GREEN piano! Before your envy sets in, let me tell you more. My parents-in-law purchased it for $150 at a thrift shop and it's in great condition! In it's day it was a player piano. The black box and cord have since been removed.Soon (more like later) it will be painted white to coordinate with our other white furniture. In the meantime, my daughter is filling our home with beautiful melodies! I'll be sure to post the redo soon.


Unknown said...

Well honey I am green with envy over that new piano!! I would truely like to have room for one like that especially when it gets to be a white one!!

Pictures please!!

Unknown said...

What a way to wake-up on a Sunny Sunday the are so creative. It is so remind me to save
some time for me to create today...thanks for those feelings
Can't wait to see what you add to your shop.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Thanks, dianalynn! I tried unsuccessfully to visit your link. Is your blog up and running? I'd love to visit!

Michele said...

Good morning Cindy...I love your bling! You have a very creative mind!

And that green piano..yes, I am green with envy. It's gorgeous!


Pink Slippers said...

LOVE the bling. Great wendy

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Goodness me are in bling mode. Look forward to seeing more of these projects.

Love the piano too. Can't wait to see that one transformed.

CIELO said...

I know that green piano will look like a jewel among your white furniture after you paint it.... you are so good at doing these things....I love coming here.



Diane Mars said...

Oh yes a good coat our two of paint and it can call itself at home. When we were kids our Dad brought home a Hot Pink Player Piano, and it stayed Pink, We did have tons of fun with it. Love your latest projects
very bling bling,,
Hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

AWW that piano will be stunning when white!! Cannot wait to see it done!!
Your bling pretties are Gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy..I also love the get hit by the bling bug... I put bling on everything I touch.... I just posted a give-a-way earlier today. Maybe you would like to stop by ...

The Pink Clutch said...

email me your address, your sassy happy is ready to ship!

Lynn said...

Absolutely gorgeous work on your clocks Cindy, but I sure do not envy you to have to paint that piano :)

Sandy said...

What a great way to go green! I love green, it is my favorite color but I understand the need to tone it down for your decor.

Fifi Flowers said...

I like the green... it's fun! But then I LOVE green!
You remind me... need to set up piano lessons for my son... I let him take the summer off... time to hear the tinkle of the keys again!

MIMILEE said...

I LOVE THE GREEN! That piano looks like it is in excellent condition! What a FIND!

Both of my sons took piano but did not stick with it for long, but both of them can at least read music......

I play and I am very thankful that my mother made me take lessons, so that I can enjoy it now. It is very relaxing to sit and play the piano and look out my bay window!
Very serene.

Love your BLOG .....glad I found ya!