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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Painting and Sewing....

   I don't have a photo of our dirty carpeted stairs, but you can imagine how dirty was our light colored carpet.  This photo was taken by Jennifer Grey for her May 2012 Cottage of the Month.
This is an updated photo of our stairway (minus the final moulding.)
 Carpeted stairs...GONE!  Yep, we painted the sub floor! (Some sanding residue...sorry.)  My husband thought I was NUTS, but the cost of a paint can (and some time) cost much less than hiring a hardwood floor contractor (for now!)
You can see the space next to the stairway has changed since Jennifer was here taking photos.  This space is more practical now.  I bought the vintage military field desk at the Long Beach Flea Market a few months ago.  It houses my website invoices and packaging supplies.  

The large upright magazine rack gets moved daily.  I purchased it at the Topanga Flea Market last month and didn't realize how much space it needs!  For now, it houses vintage dictionary pages you can find here and here.  Even though I LOVE IT,  it may end up being sold due to lack of space.
Just a few more touches to drive my husband crazy.  I like decorating BEFORE he finishes a project! 


Posted my new pillow designs today on FaceBook 
My sister treated me to a weekend in Las Vegas where we saw the "LOVE" show.  I was amazed and inspired.
These groovy pillows are the result of that inspiration! 
  Coupled with my vintage Swedish military mail bags, I'm hoping they're well received. 
These pillows are available HERE and HERE!
 I couldn't resist posting a photo or our cat, Mochi, who happens to blend in well with the pillows!


vintageandart said...

What an action packed much happening in your home and business. l love your freshly painted stairs Cindy, they look fantastic and all your sewing is amazing. Pic seven is my absolute fave...but lm also loving the cabinet in the photo before it.

Elyse said...

wow, cindy! your stairs look great. i want to do something similar but white with blue stripes. (husband thinks i'm bananas, but you know how that goes) someday when i have time it will get done ... until then, i will continue to swoon over your lovely touches!

happy autumn wishes


Barbara Jean said...

love your cabinet!!


PS will be looking around at all your treasures, but not leaving comments.
I am a little dyslexic and find the word verification very hard to read.

Unknown said...

What color did you choose for your stairs. I'm doing the same thing