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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Roof!

 Like diamonds in the sky!

 The crepe murtle tree in the corner will provide a bit of shade at the front of the room.
Last view before Doug begins the wall frame! (Next post.)


NanaDiana said...

Cindy- I love it. It really creates a beautiful graphic, doesn't it? xo Diana

Anonymous said...

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Allyson Duguay said...

I can see you getting all excited for this project, and I can't blame you for that! It's a great thing that Doug is an experienced carpenter and that he's doing a great job for this room. Now, fast-forward to the present, I want to say that I really love how this room looks. It's special on its own, and the fact that it's going to serve a special purpose is what made it even more gorgeous. Congratulations!
Allyson @ Affordable Roofing Systems

Rolf said...

How the wooden roof beams are attached to the wall alone is enough to conclude that this project is going to be a success. Doug is truly a well-versed carpenter. Securing the foundation is a must to build a sturdy roof. Congratulations on its completion!
Rolf @ Northern Virginia Roofing & Exteriors