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Saturday, February 25, 2012


I love ROSEMARY, as you may surmise from this post.  My neighbor had a very large rosemary bush in need of trimming.  I volunteered for the job and in exchange received the cuttings.  I made lots of swags, gave some to friends and still had plenty to place around the house. 
I transported the cuttings in two trips riding my trusty old 3 wheeler.
 Rosemary looks right at home in an old dough bowl.
 Rosemary looks sweet on chairs.

 A swag on the front door is so welcoming.
Just a single branch looks wonderful on a white slip covered ottoman or on a gift.

Rosemary on the hearth.
Rosemary next to white candles.
 Rosemary adds freshness in the kitchen...
 in a bathroom...

hanging in a hallway...
 or lying in a basket.
I like pansies, too!  These are blooming in our mailbox/flower box.
Come back soon to see our home featured in Cottage Style Magazine (Release Date:  March 6, 2012!)  Fellow blogger, Elyse Major, wrote the article, so be sure to visit her post soon at Tinkered Treasures!


sissie said...

Hi Rosemary,
I can just smell the fragrance from looking at these photos. Every vingette is so very pretty.


Roberta said...

Wow Cindy, You scored big time with this big batch of fresh Rosemary! The pics are beautiful and your house must smell DIVINE! Can't wait to see your feature. I'll be on the lookout. xoRoberta

Elyse said...

beautiful, cindy, and i'm sure it smells as lovely as it looks.


i hope to write a post soon. you will too, yes?

hopefully your issue will arrive monday if it hasn't already! so exciting!!!


Theresa Merkling said...

Now *I* want to grow rosemary bush too!

Donna said...

I have rosemary everywhere, thank you for showing how beautiful it can be everywhere in and out of the home.thensili demplem