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Friday, July 25, 2008

Rare Footage!

One morning, I was sipping coffee outdoors. . . . Enjoying paper lanterns hanging from our tree like earrings. . . . When my husband joined me, SUDDENLY, Rex, our adopted outdoor cat jumped on Doug's lap begging for attention! I ran for my camera to take these RARE photos of my-husband-the-canine-lover, feline-hater! I was able to capture this rare footage before Doug started sneezing and repeating his diatribe about how cats are finicky, flighty, and temperamental! One day I should devote an entire post to Rex. He's an ideal companion and he thinks he's a lap dog, maybe for Doug's benefit!


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Yes! An entire post!! He is a doll!
It always cracks me up how they just seem to have that "kitty radar" and head straight for the
"hater's lap"!!!! Too funny!

M ^..^

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

hee hee
My husband claims to be a cat hater too; but I think he secretly adores them. I know they really like him and are always happy to see him. He says he "tolerates" them for my benefit. Yeah, right.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Same goes here. DH hated cats until on named Patches took up with him and now he likes only her!!

However they are not on my good list today, nope, no good felines around my home today. They got up on a table on the patio and dumped out a bucket of white paint on the concrete patio. OMG! See why they are not my friends today!!

Great shots of yours though, he looks innocent!


Kim's Treasures said...

Lol! Rex is so cute! My hubby claims to be a cat hater...I need a video camera though cuz he always stops to pet and talk to our cat!
Have a great day!

simple~needs said...

beautiful pics!! everything looks soo perfect!! ya gotta love cats!! i have 8. yes, 8!! lol all with different personalities.
have a great weekend!

Mermaid Queen said...

Your kitty is so adorable! Really beautiful photos. He also seems to be attracted to all your pink decor too! Take care, Martha

Angie said...

ohh what a sweet little kitty. we just lost our beloved cat last week...i miss those when-ya-gonna-pet-me head butts....thank you for sharing such a lovely moment!


The Rose Cottage said...

Your kitty is beautiful ;) and I am not a cat lover myself, I prefer dogs but I wouldn't say I hate them, I love, love, love animals.

Cottage said...

He's gorgeous! Reminds me of my George. Is he part Maine Coon? Looks like he is. George is part Maine Coon, big with markings similar to your cat's. He is quite the lap dog. LOVE the photos! Your porch is lovely! It's made especially warm and cozy with a sweet cat lumbering about.


Joy said...

We just adopted our first cat
about a year ago. He was supposed to be my dd's cat but soon adopted my dh and I...neither of us liked cats. But he wormed his way into our hearts. I say this little guy has done the same with you all.

Joanne Kennedy said...

WHAT! How could anyone hate that little face? You know your husband loves Rex. He is just trying to act all manly. He is just an ol' softy at heart.

Rex is darling!


Life on Bonnie Lane said...

What an adorable kitty your Rex is! Yes, he does look innocent and sweet in that picture, lol. He knows he's cute!

Still can't get over how awesome your deck is! I love everything about it!


Julie said...

What a pretty blog!! I wish I was in CA. I arrived your blog via Flickr. My real home is in No.CAL, but now in Melbourne, Australia. Reading your site make me homesick this morning.(smile)


Alison Gibbs said...

What a sweet kitty.
They seem to go straight to the supposed cat haters - maybe trying to convert them

miss gracies house said...

Too cute, Cindy! I love the scripture at the bottom of your header...It makes me smile..."does not eat the bread of idelness" how can we ever be *idle* in this business with our families and homes:)
But serioulsy, I pray we are *busy* doing the right thing!
Have a great day,

The Old Painted Cottage said...

This post is classic! Leave it to Rex to try convert your husband into a cat lover. Go Rex!

PS ~ Your porch is looking lovely as always!


CIELO said...

Such beautiful and cozy spot! Just love it!