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Friday, June 13, 2008

A Piece of Heaven!

We all know the feeling. One step in and you're breathless! That's the feeling I had when I visited a special shop in Camarillo, CA.A couple of weeks ago, Jennifer Grey from The Old Painted Cottage, took me shopping at some of her favorite hot spots. Yes, lucky me! My favorite shop was Posie's Boutique where Jennifer and I shopped for hours! The store is absolutely filled with shabby cottage treasures magnificently placed in the most alluring vignettes! Beds and linens. Wardrobes and mirrors.Vintage and new.Papers and textiles, pinks and whites, crafts and crystals, aromas and music. . . Posie's has it all! I bought a few items at Posie's. Jennifer had more self-restraint and bought nothing! The gift bag alone was worth the trip! You can't go wrong with pink and white stripes and brown polka dots! The sweet little flag was FREE!

Jennifer, thank you for sharing with me your time and hidden treasure spots!


CIELO said...

Oh Cindy... indeed! I'm in heaven. Just beautiful... and by the way, The House in the Roses is having a garden party and would love to see you participate... come see and show me your garden!

Hugs, and a blessed weekend to you


The Old Painted Cottage said...

Cindy, we really did spend hours in that store, didn't we. I had so much fun shopping with you. I keep thinking about that bag I kept looking at. Shoulda bought it when I saw it.


Fabulous Finds Studio said...

oh my! This shop is so beautiful, I could go broke in there! Your blog is beautiful, I'm glad I stopped by :-)
Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am absolutely green with envy or should I say pink. Why oh why do I have to live so far away from you girls.


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

WOW!!! what an awesome shop!! I bet you had so much fun browsing all the pretties. :)

xoxo Heather

p.s.- those little kittens are so adorable on your sidebar!

Sharon said...

Now I know what heaven must look like!!! I was breathless just looking at the photo's on your blog - I can't imagine actually seeing this "for real". Thanks for sharing the joy....:)

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Oh, that is like dying and going to shabby chic heaven. Do you think there is such a place ?

I'll have to make a note of that area for future shopping.


Lori said...

Cindy, What I wouldn't give for a few hours in that shop! My mind, body and spirit would be singing!!!! Lovely redo on your porch, can I come over and nap? LOL Lori

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

OH MY GOSH! I would go crazy in there! That place looks amazing!

Alison Gibbs said...

Breathless !!!
That surely would be my reaction to stepping into heaven too.

celestina marie said...

Hi Cindy, That shop is out of this world. I could also be lost in there for hours. Thank you for sharing your shopping day and giving us something to dream about.
la rea rose

CIELO said...

Hi Cindy... I've finally posted about the Arte y Pico Award you passed onto me.... come see, and I hope to see you at the "Show Me Your Garden Party"...


Tracy said...

Hi, Cindy! Thanks so much for visiting nice to meet you and see your fun pink place here in blogland! This shop is a slice of heaven *SIGH* I could live there--LOL! :o)

The Rose Cottage said...

WOW, no wonder you felt like you were in heaven, this is one amazing shop you lucky girl :)

miss gracies house said...

Yes, lucky you!!! To shop with Jenifer AND to find a shop like that...thanks for sharing with us...we can only imagine beauty like that around here!
Have a great day!!

Lynne Laura said...

Lucky isn't the word, that store is to die for...I would just love living in that store...gone to heaven that's what! You dear most lucky girl!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Wow! Wish I could go to that store. Such lovely items everywhere. Glad to hear you had a fabulous time.

Irma :)

Brenda Kula said...

That is absolute shabby cottage heaven! I wish I were close enough to visit! But I enjoyed my "virtual tour" very much!

Shabby Addict said...

Wow! I am dying to go there! I could spend all day in that store. Can't wait to go!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

My head!!!! It spins!!!!! WOW!

M ^..^

Anne Fannie said...

I want to go shopping there.....I hope you bought alot of cute pink stuff!
Love, Ann

Fifi Flowers said...

Great store... I will have to pop in there on my way up to Ventura Beach... thanks for posting this info!

Mermaid Queen said...

Hi Cindy,
I found your beautiful blog while looking for Posies boutique. I just started selling charms there, and have never been to the store, so thanks so much for the lovely photos.
Take care,

Daughter of the King said...

oh I think that would be Shabby mansion in heaven is going to be shabby that is for sure..and I am sure it will stay dust free...dontcha think?