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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Worth Keeping

Last week I finished a project that has been on the back burner. I thought about selling it at a yard sale. It even made it as far as the garage waiting for its ultimate destiny.
The thought of selling a quality piece of furniture for pennies on the dollar at a yard sale didn't seem right. After all, what price could I place on the memories created in this rocking/glider chair? Fourteen years and four kids later I recall the countless hours of rocking, nursing, crying, singing, reading, talking and smiling while seated in this chair.Originally, it had a dark cherry finish with a dark green cushion matching my past decor. I shabbied it up a bit with white paint, rose decals and Rachel Ashwell fabric on the cushions. It has a new look, yet evokes the same good feelings. It's definitely worth keeping!


Kay said...

Most definately worth keeping. It turned out great. It's good for rocking the grandchildren now!

Alison Gibbs said...

Cindy the rocker has 'shabbied up' beautifully. Great that you are keeping it as it holds so many memories. Maybe it is something that could be pased on to your children when they are grown.

Debbie Kay My Vintage Daydreams said...


I love it! But then again I love everything in your home! You certainly have a gift for completely changing the appearance of all of your treasures. Let's hit the garage sales soon ok?

Love ya,


Lynne Laura said...


Fabulous job! I just love it, all shabby chic with roses and white...just darling.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

The Old Painted Cottage said...

This is so a keeper! You did an amazing job on it!


Nicky said...

This is defenitly a chair that you should keep!! far to many memmory's it has.It is lovely now you painted it and gave it a new look!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Definitely a keeper, it looks amazing as does everything you do. I love love love your garden area, so beautiful.

LeAnn :)

CarrieJ said...

looks beautiful. The grandkids will love it. I have my grandmothers rocker that she rocked me in as a baby.

CIELO said...

Oh you are so right; selling that beautiful sentimental piece of furniture would have been so sad.... I'm glad you kept it.

Have a great day.


The Rose Cottage said...

I am so happy to see you kept it Cindy and revamped it, some things are just too good and full of memories to part with :)

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Sooooooooooooooo worth keeping! It's awesome!


Amy Wagner said...

I love your chair!~! So cute.

I am so happy you stopped by at my blog to read and look at pictures for a while and also leave a comment.
I am back from my trip and am anxious to start blogging again!!

I am going to put you on my reading list of blogs so I can stop back when I have time to browse through your fun site!!

Seeb said...

Dear Cindy,

You are talented in renewing things.
It's great:)


Hope see you in my blog

Cathy said...


That glider came out absolutely stunning. I am so glad you kept it and did a "redo". I used to sell furniture in an antique shop and I would drive around and pick up gliders 'brand new' sometimes ~ right out of people's trash.

I would take them home and redo them and they would fly out of the shop.

I have to say your glider is the prettiest I've ever seen.


Have a great day, Cathy

Gardengirl said...

Cindy, you did an amazing job making the glider chair look shabby. I am so glad I stopped by to see this today. I have a glider just like this one that I removed from my parents home and it has been sitting in the basement because I can't part with it. Now I know I have to make it shabby. I bet the part under the seat (the glider) was tricky to paint. Just beautiful!!!

Secondhandrose said...

Now I think you have to sell that me! lol. It is gorgeous. What nice memories. Come for a visit.

purpleflowerfairy said...

i can not believe you thought about selling that - NO!!! it has so many wonderful memories attached to it... you can rock your grandbabies in that chair =) i'm so glad you didn't sell it. i love the shabby make over, it's sooo pretty! debbie