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Monday, May 12, 2008

Aurora Borealis (AB) Rhinestones

Vintage jewelry. We love it. We collect it. We should know more about it!
I'm not a collector with special training or expertise. The history of vintage jewelry simply intrigues me. I'm sharing my research so we can make wise choices about buying, collecting, using and selling our vintage jewels.
My sister* purchased for me several pieces of vintage jewelry on our trip to Arcola , Illinois. Above is a brooch and earring set that caught my eye. The larger rhinestones are different shades of pink. The smaller ones are Aurora Borealis (AB) rhinestones. This means that the underlying glass has been coated with a special iridescent finish that shines with a variety of colors. Microscopic layers of different materials are vacuum plated to the underlying glass. The AB name refers to "The Northern Lights" which is an aurora that occurs in the northern regions of our planet! How great is that?

*Yes, this is the same generous sister who treats me to short getaways, who gives me what she calls, "peace of mind money" and who upgrades my plane tickets to First Class. This is the same sister who reminds me that raising children is more important than practicing law and who loves my kids as her own.!


Shabby Addict said...

Those pieces are beautiful! I love the pink! Doesn't get better! Thanks for educating us on the history of this set! It makes it that much more special! Also, your darling caned piece that your husband painted for you, it could totally be used as a magazine holder! I love it!

Alison Gibbs said...

Such pretty jewellery.
What a great relationship you have with your sister.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

What the heck would we do without our sisters!I have been doing this blog w/o my own camera and my sister just gave me one!

The jewels are AWESOME!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Beautiful! What a great sister you have!

Lynne Laura said...

You are blessed in many ways. That set is just stunning. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of vintage jewelry with us.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

restyled home said...

What lovely jewellry! I have fond memories of sifting through my Auntie Jean's costume jewellry as a child. She kept it in a little tartan box and it was always the highlight of my visits there.

You do have a very sweet sister!

Mya said...

Can I become part of the family? I could use a sister like that. I do have a wonderful sis just no gifts. Love the jewels. I collect as well.

Diane said...

What a wonderful Sister (:
Hugs, Diane

The Rose Cottage said...

Stunning!!!! Your sister really is generous, they look like good jewelry, not the bling I use in my sewing or other craft work :)
I can see why you would want to do some research on them, very interesting and thanks for sharing all your new found knowledge with us :)

CIELO said...

That is so beautiful; both, the rhinestones and the Aurora Borealis....

Have a great weekend!


Tracie said...

Hi Cindy,
This is gorgeous and your sister is so right about raising children. You definitely don't want to wake up in 10 years wishing you had spent more time with them... (or maybe in the courtroom???) that's an easy one, leave it to a sister to speak the truth!

You go girl!

Happy weekend!
~Tracie said...

What a sis!!!

Joanna said...

thanks for sharing your pic of the northern lights. I use to live in Fairbanks & haven't seen pics of northern lights in a while. they're just amazing. xoxo, Joanna

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Very pretty!

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