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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Successful Hunting Season!

The Easter Bunny was here!
Our annual Egg Hunt was short and sweet.In years past, our 4 kids scurried about in a frenzy looking for colorful plastic eggs filled with sweets and coins. This year, our 2 teens opted out of the Hunt leaving our 2 youngest to find less eggs. Two baskets full of eggs and lots of laughter. . . how precious are family traditons! I'm still finding eggs that were too well hidden from young eyes. Each egg I find reminds me that one day my 2 youngest will opt out of the Hunt leaving only memories of the Hunting Season.


Kay said...

uhhhhh don't count on the last two opting some point the Easter Bunny fills the eggs with cash and suddenly everyone hunts again! :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Definitely enjoy the hunt while it lasts

The Rose Cottage said...

Lovely photos Cindy, I wish we had all that nice green grass.
Glad you got to enjoy the two younger ones hunting for eggs at least, they grow up so fast.

Dolly said...

Cute pictures...the bunny is my favorite one!

We had to have our egg hunt in the basement because there was way too much snow to have it outside!

Send us some warm weather! :-)

Hugz, Dolly

Sandra... said...

I love these family traditions!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cindy, how true. My kids easter egg hunting days are long gone so maybe one day I can enjoy grandchildren hunting. So glad your Easter was wonderful.

LeAnn :)

Gardengirl said...

Our Children always enjoyed Easter egg hunts but I think the Easter bunny had just as much hiding the eggs. I love the pictures you posted especially the angel.