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Monday, November 5, 2007

Mail and Messages

I love old mail boxes almost as much as I love mail! These days I rarely receive mail the old fashioned way save and except letters from my dear mom. Email is convenient, but it is no substitute for a handwritten letter on beautiful stationery. I'm grateful my mom doesn't own a computer!

I purchased the above mail box on eBay and repainted it. For now, it remains empty waiting for the next issue of Victoria and a sweet letter from dear mom. I'm thinking I should fill it with pink stationery, my favorite pen, stamps and shabby pink stickers. Maybe that will motivate me to limit my emails and write some letters the old fashioned way!

Part of my re-organization plan is to get the little pieces of paper off my desk and pinned to my message board. Of course, that took some time because first I had to clean up an old window frame, add padding and pink chenille fabric, make glass beaded push pins, print out my notes on pink paper and convince my husband that hanging this heavy message board was of utmost importance. Whew!

Next on the list. . . a pink calendar holder!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

How pretty is that?! I love old mailboxes, and you can't beat PINK!!

Tutti Chic said...

What a pretty mailbox!! It goes with your very pretty blog! :) chris

Adla said...

your work studio is coming beautifully. I really like that noteboard,its got such a vintage yet freash appeal to it. Pretty transformation and the mail box is so pretty too. Well done, can't wait to see more of the studio when its done. Ta for now, Adla

Kerryanne English said...

Ahh Cindy, Cindy, Cindy.......I'm just in awe. This office make over just gets better and better. I want the mail box too and everything else to go with it. Waiting for the next exciting instalment.....

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Beautiful pink mail box...vry inspiring and how lucky is your postal delivery person. Susan

Dolly said...

Ouuu Cindy I love the window frame idea!
Hmmm...I will have to watch the trash for an old window now! :-)

The mailbox is too sweet..... have you thought of filling it with pink roses?

Hugz, Dolly

restyled home said...

O.K., I want both the mailbox and the message board...too bad I wasn't so lazy lately, I'd do something like that myself...


Miss Sandy said...

All you pink stuff is, well, so CUTE! I wanted to let you know that you hve been blogged! I posted on you today and you have been linked on my side bar under Where I Find Inspiration.
Miss Sandy

chocolate girl said...

a pink calendar holder...(sigh) i have a thing for 'holders' of any kind. :) your shop just gets sweeter by and by!

The Rose Cottage said...

Love the mailbox, I want one for my front porch, although we don't have mail delivered to the door anymore, it can still look nice :)
I love how your work area is coming along, isn't it fun to fix things up?
I havn't seen you at DSM lately and wondered how you were.
Come visit my blog sometime, I am posting a giveaway tomorrow and it just might be pink :)