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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hiding the Clutter

Who likes looking at clutter? It overwhelms me and I can't seem to get work done! So, part of my office redo hides it all. I re-purposed a former lingerie chest into a "file cabinet." Seven drawers hold my bills, envelopes, invoices, tax documents, weight scale, packing tape and shipping labels. I painted the chest shabby pink, covered the glass to hide my clutter (card stock taped on the inside) and added oval glass knobs.

The chest was a Valentine's Day gift from my husband several years ago. I recall that day vividly and so does my husband. That evening we were shopping for something special. Shopping with my husband was part of the gift! The minute I saw the tall piece, I loved it. We waited quite some time to have the large box loaded into our car. When we returned home we noticed the chest was damaged. My loving husband agreed to return it the same evening. After all, it was Valentine's Day! We drove back to the store and loaded another large box into our car. Quite a romantic evening!

I was told by the furniture salesman that in the Victorian Era, ladies of means had lingerie chests which typically had 7 drawers holding undergarments for each day of the week! Historical trivia or a sales pitch? Hmmmm. What I do know is that 7 drawers holding office supplies is more practical than holding a week's worth of underwear!

More to come! I'm going slow and steady. . . .


Melissa said...

Perfect! And I'd love 7 drawers of undergarments!

Kerryanne English said...

Okay Cindy - so now I am really envious. First it is the beautiful green and pink workstation and now this - how totally beautiful. I could think of 1000's of uses for such a lovely unit.
I want your office!!!!

Pat said...

I believe that it was historical trivia. I love it and I think the idea of the cardstock was great. Can't wait to see the whole space.

restyled home said...

That is absolutely beautiful...and very functional!!