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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Michi's Craft Corner

I've added a new category to cutepinkstuff! I call it "Michi's Craft Corner."

When cold weather sets in, my 87 year old mom crochets dishcloths, kitchen towel sets and potholders. Our family and friends have been enjoying them for many years.

They are quick drying, machine washable, and made from quality 100% cotton yarn and heavy terry cloth. So old fashioned, yet so RETRO! Just wait until you see all the bright colors! They are the BEST! By the way, all proceeds go directly to my dear mom.

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Jackie said...

That is what I am doing right now.. is crocheting dish cloths. I just started my first, making it up as I go along. I did a pink one w/ 3 rows of single crochets than 11 rows of double crochets and then 3 more single crochets. I didn't make it wide enough. I think I only did 40 chains.

I love yours... I see the middle is single crochet and did you go around the edge w/ double or triple crochet?

Thanks! :-)