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Friday, August 31, 2007

Iron Maiden

This post is for you, Anne Sutton! You can get your ironing board off the closet floor and into the closet wall or into the wall of your beautiful new studio!

My husband installed this ironing board wall unit from Home Depot in only a few hours. It took longer to shop for one that wasn't damaged than it took to install the product! There was some drywall cutting involved which always concerns me a bit, but all went smoothly. The unit extends from the wall only 4 inches. It comes with the board, insulated cover (I made a pink cover to cover the cover!), shelf (for iron storage) and hook for the inside of the door. The door hinges on either side.

My sister-in-law gave me this idea. Tina has had her ironing board in her sewing room wall for years! All these years, I've been storing my heavy board and iron in a hallway closet dragging it around looking for an outlet. Now, both are conveniently tucked away in my laundry room ready for this Iron Maiden to iron some frocks! Thanks, Tina!

I found some aromatic linen water at Home Goods to complete this project. The Sea Salt linen water is a fresh scent, a gorgeous turquoise color and has a spray nozzle! The English Rose linen water smells heavenly, but is clear with no nozzle. How can rose linen water be anything but pink? So, I added a smidgen of red food coloring and poured it into a vintage glass bottle topped with a rose lid from my website (I sold it to myself!) I hope the dye doesn't tint my linens pink. Oh well, most of my linens are pink anyway!

My pink laundry room is now complete. At least until another friend or relative gives me another can't live without idea! For all you Iron Maidens out there, I highly recommend this one!


Anne Sutton said...

This is just the best thing ever! I have to have one. I love how the door is panel painted! Too cute.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I know you posted this ages ago, but I'd love to know if the food coloring worked! I was thinking of using food coloring to color my homemade lavender linen water, but I'm worried that it might stain my sheets! Especially if I end up making some to give as gifts.